Timeless Kitchen Trends You Can Incorporate into Your Missouri Home

Timeless Kitchen Trends You Can Incorporate into Your Missouri Home

Find the Line Between Trendy & Timeless With These Kitchen Design Ideas From Busenbark Granite & Flooring

In the era of design trends constantly evolving, finding the line between timeless and tacky is harder than it used to be. Building a Missouri kitchen for now and later takes an eye for interior design, but you don’t have to stress anymore about which backsplash compliments your cabinets. With over 80 years of experience, Busenbark Flooring & Granite has the tips (and products) you need for the perfect timeless kitchen in mid-Missouri! 

Tile & flooring for Missouri kitchens

So, what is the best flooring for a kitchen in mid-Missouri? Remember, the kitchen is a place that attracts a lot of moisture and gets a lot of traffic, so you want a durable floor. The best waterproof flooring options are tile, vinyl, and sometimes laminate flooring. Floors with a wooden appearance can add coziness to your kitchen, and tile flooring comes in a variety of unique colors and designs. Tile backsplashes can also spice up your kitchen, whether it’s simple subway tile or a fun pattern!

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Classic countertop trends for a classy mid-Missouri kitchen

One of the latest kitchen trends in Missouri is designing a more open layout with less walls and less closed-off spaces. Instead, homeowners are opting for a roomy kitchen space and a minimalist island in the center. Quartz or granite countertops are always beautiful and fairly easy to clean up. These materials can add elegance and space for food preparation without making the kitchen feel too busy. 

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Kitchen trends to avoid when designing your Missouri home

With so many different options, sometimes it’s easier to move forward knowing what NOT to do when designing a kitchen that won’t go out of style. Below are a few kitchen trends to avoid overall, no matter how tempted you are by your Pinterest feed.

  • Too much white or gray can make your kitchen feel empty and dull. Try incorporating colors like green, navy, and mushroom in cabinets, islands, and other areas of the kitchen!
  • Low lighting or shaded light fixtures might make your kitchen seem smaller because it’s quite literally providing less light. Try using more open light fixtures or perhaps even natural lighting through windows to give your kitchen some breathing room. 
  • Natural wood cabinets can modernize or date a kitchen depending on the type of wood that is used and the finish applied. Depending on your style, a white oak may be a lovely cabinet choice but for others, this can feel dated. Luckily, Busenbark Flooring & Granite’s in-house designers can help you decide what choice is best for your kitchen in Missouri.

Need Help With Your Missouri Kitchen’s Island, Countertops, Flooring or Backsplash? Get the Best Materials at Busenbark Flooring & Granite

Come to Busenbark Flooring & Granite to get the best countertops, flooring, and tile for your mid-Missouri kitchen. We also provide service for floor repairs, design consultations, and more to help you on your way to the perfect kitchen. Got a question? Reach out today!

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