Busenbark Flooring & Granite Can Help You Achieve a More Eco-Friendly Home in Mid-Missouri.

How to Make Your Home Renovation in Mid-Missouri More Eco-Friendly

Making Renovations to Your Missouri Home? Follow These Tips for Building a Sustainable House From Busenbark Flooring & Granite


Remodeling a home in central Missouri comes with an endless amount of choices – which backsplash to choose for your kitchen, the best flooring for your bathroom, or even picking a stylish lighting fixture for each room. When working to achieve a more eco-friendly house, there are many options available to the modern homeowner. It’s mainly a matter of knowing where to look. If you dream of living in an environmentally-conscious home in mid-Missouri, here are some easy ways you can turn that dream into a reality!


Use natural finishes & sustainable materials for a more environmentally friendly home in central Missouri


As the demand for sustainable homes grows, more companies are working to provide renewable resources and natural materials in their catalog. For example, countertop brands such as Dekton and Silestone are implementing eco-friendly features into their products by using recycled materials and reducing greenhouse gas emissions during production. Using natural finishes is another simple and trendy way you can make your mid-Missouri home’s interior design more environmentally friendly. Think hardwood floors, natural stone accents, and any materials coming from renewable fibers like mycelium.


Shop local in mid-Missouri for your home renovation materials 


When searching for your home renovation materials and surfaces, shopping at local businesses instead of large corporations is great not only because you can find one-of-a-kind sustainable alternatives, but also because you are supporting your community in central Missouri. Finding a local professional for all your home renovation needs can provide you with a personalized experience and make the process so much easier for your mid-Missouri home. Busenbark Flooring & Granite consults with all of our clients to provide a wide range of products and services that meet both style and sustainability standards. 


Install eco-friendly energy alternatives & appliances in your Missouri home


In 2024, making an environmentally-conscious home renovation has never been easier! For all your typical home appliances, there is likely a greener option that conserves energy (and saves you money). Some eco-friendly appliances you can add to your central Missouri home include:


  • Any ENERGY STAR products
  • Energy-efficient windows 
  • LED lighting
  • Low-flow faucets & low-flush toilets 
  • Smart thermostats
  • Solar panels 


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Busenbark Flooring & Granite is dedicated to bringing mid-Missouri homeowners the perfect balance between luxury and sustainable home design. We pick only the best brands and products for our catalog, and our staff will be attentive to all your home renovation preferences. If you’re ready to start creating a more environmentally friendly home in central Missouri, get in touch with Busenbark Flooring & Granite today!