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Busenbark Flooring and Granite

Return/Refund Policy

Measuring Your Space

Measuring Your Space We have no doubt you will love your flooring from Busenbark, and our standard is to satisfy every customer. We aim to make your buying experience enjoyable. To make this happens, we are here to help you measure your space correctly. To ensure you have what you need, not too much or too little, contact us and let us walk you through some easy steps.

Flooring Returns

In most instances, we are selling to you new flooring at wholesale or below wholesale prices to give you the best price available. Having 1 to 3 boxes of material left over after your flooring has been installed is recommended, so that in the event you need to do a repair and your specific flooring is no longer available, you have what you need on hand.

Listed below is Busenbark’s policy on material returns

  • There are no returns allowed on accessories (trim, underlayment, glue, etc.)

  • Sometimes Manufacturers/Distributers set forth a No Return Policy to their products themselves. If a product you purchase has one of these Manufacture/Distributer No Return Policies attached, you will be educated prior to purchase.

  • There are no returns allowed on ceramic tile products.

  • We can accept returns on 4 cartons or more. There will be no refund issued on less than 4 cartons on any type of flooring.

  • Any returned boxes must be factory sealed. You will not receive a refund for opened products.

  • Prior to making a return, we ask that you request a return authorization from our office. Return authorizations are granted up to 30 days from the receipt of your order. Refunds are not allowed after 30 days.

  • The customer assumes the cost associated to shipping products. This cost is typically deducted from the refund before it is issued to the customer.

  • Once we receive the returned products as described above, the refund process will begin. Expected processing time is typically 4 to 6 weeks from the date the material is received.

  • Custom orders returned will only be accepted within the parameters set above with an additional 25% restocking fee. The 25% is assessed from the entire invoice total. When purchasing custom orders, the customer will also be responsible to pay the *actual original freight charge AND the return freight charge.

Note: If you have any questions, please contact us at 573-431-4100 prior to making your purchase.

*The actual original freight charge is not the freight charge listed on your invoice. In most cases, the actual freight we pay to have you order delivered is more than the amount listed on your invoice.