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StrataMax Woodcrest - Dark Natural

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$1.40 / sq ft

Retail: $3.29 / sq ft

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$16.80 /Lineal Foot

The portion of a floor covering that contains or protects the pattern
Category Floors
Flooring Type Vinyl Sheet Flooring
Product Number X2531
Collection StrataMax Better 
Performance Class Better
Flooring Costs
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Residential Warranty : 20 years 
F-7721-611 StrataMax Warranty (Eng.)
ToughGuard II MasterWorks Technology
Wear Layer CleanSweep
Color Dark Natural
Gloss describes the shiny coating that adds a polished look to the floor’s surface. Every flooring category (hardwood, vinyl, laminate) offers gloss levels (high, medium, low) from which to choose based on your room design and lifestyle.Gloss Level Low Gloss
Roll Width 12 ft. & 6 ft.
Size of Design Small (< 6")
Pattern Repeats Every 54x72
DIY Level Intermediate
Installation Method Modified loose lay or Full spread

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