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Travertine for The Bathroom

Posted on Friday, June 02, 2017, by Busenbark Flooring

An increasing number of homeowners are choosing natural stone over other possible choices for a number of applications. These are specifically true for bathrooms. Natural stone can be utilized for flooring. It could also be utilized for vanity tops and wall mosaics. Tub surrounds can also have natural stone. Travertine is an attractive natural stone. A number of homeowners are selecting it for its sheer elegance. The stone has an excellent color variations range, patterns and venations.

Travertine is ideal to be used in bathrooms. You can select the kind of finish you want. If it is done in a correct manner, you will soon see that the travertine stone is the best stone for use in bathrooms. Many would dispute this- specially the people new to designing bathrooms. The reason given is that travertine is a porous natural stone. This gives the impression to many that this stone is not practical for those areas where water is always present.

Hone finished and tumble finished stones

Experts opine that the best travertine tile to be used in the bathroom are either the tumble finished ones or the hone finished ones. The hone finished travertines has a certain matte finish which softens the appearance of the stone. The tumble finished stone has a distinct antique appearance. This increases the natural colors already present in the stone. The two finishes are perfect for bathrooms as they can withstand a number of spills which can occur in bathrooms. These can be from beauty products like makeup.

Travertine shower tile

It is vital that the travertine tile is properly sealed with suitable sealer so that it can be installed in shower and also in areas which have a high moisture content. The stone will thus be prevented from water absorption. This will make it much more easier to maintain. Do find a professional installer to do this job. A good quality of work is vital in this case. Other than floor and walls, travertine stone can also be used in the bathroom fixtures like bath tubs. If you want, you can cover the bathroom completely with travertine stone.

Travertine tile makes an excellent choice. It is not only beautiful but can be easily maintained as well. Using this stone in bathrooms makes for easier cleaning. Soap scum and water spots are rarely seen. You simply have to use a squeegee to remove such stubborn stains.



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