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​ Taking Care of Quartzite Countertops

Posted on Tuesday, April 04, 2017, by

Quartzite countertops are gaining popularity as they are more frequently used in bathrooms and kitchens. People opt for them as they have a natural glossy look and it’s stronger than marble. The natural look eliminates the need for extra polishing. However, to make sure the quartzite countertops retain their natural lustrous look and last for a long time, we have to take care of them. Here are 5 tips that you can use to make sure your quartzite countertop looks as beautiful as it did when you first got them.

1. Clean the countertop regularly and thoroughly

Establish a cleaning schedule when you have countertops in your bathroom and kitchen. With the help of a soft rag/towel and mild detergent, you can wipe the surface of the as needed to any stains. If the stains are hard to remove, use a plastic scraper. Avoid using detergents that aren’t abrasive and is bleach-free.

2. Use caution when placing hot pans and sharp knives

Even though the countertops are stronger than marble, you still need to be careful when you are placing hot pans on top of them. Quartzite countertops can get damaged by rapid fluctuations in temperature, which is known as thermal shock. Even though the countertop is scratch resistant, it can still be damaged if a sharp knife falls on it. Use extreme caution when you using a knife over the countertop.

3. Avoid using strong cleaners

When you are using cleaners to wipe the surface of the countertop, avoid using products that are highly alkaline or acidic. They can range from nail polish remover to dishwasher rinsing agents to bleach. If your countertop comes in contact with these liquids, you should rinse it with mild detergent to neutralize the effects of the strong cleaning agents.

4. Seal the countertop

You can improve the durability of the countertop for years to come if you seal the countertop. Ensure that the sealant you choose to apply for the countertop is oil-based, to prevent damage from moisture. The sealants can last for 10 – 15 years on an average if it has been applied properly.

5. Stop adding weight at the ends

As far as possible, steer away from putting unnecessary weights on the edges and middle of the countertop. This also includes using the countertop as a ledge to reach the higher parts of the room and holding on to the countertop for balance.

Quartzite Countertops are elegant and complement the looks of your bathroom and kitchen. Following these steps will ensure that they look brand new even after they have been in your house for over 5 years.