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Readying the floor for carpet installation

Posted on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, by Busenbark Flooring


Before you lay on the carpet to the floor, you must make sure the floor is flat. In many cases this does not happen. This is specially true of wooden subfloors. Twists and warps are present on the subfloor surface. Valleys and peaks can be present in concrete subfloors. These are mostly due to shabby installation or the aging of the building over time. With a little help, you can smooth out the irregularities and level the floor. This can be achieved with self-leveling compound so that the floor can be prepared for installing the carpet.


  1. Take a level and check floor. Examine valleys and peaks. Use pencil to mark both low and high spots.
  2. Take care to completely clean installation surface prior to using self-leveling compound. First, sweep floor, and then vacuum up all the extra residue. Use a powerful vacuum cleaner.
  3. Use a liquid primer to prime floor. Take a paintbrush and apply to room edges. Use paint roller for applying across the surface. In case, there are only a few spots which are lower than the surface, apply primer only to those areas.
  4. Mix a portion of self-leveling compound inside a bucket. Use the paddle and the drill to do this. You should mix small portions as the compound gets cured extremely fast. Working with excess material means the excess will dry in the bucket. Use only cold water, as the drying process is speeded up by hot water.
  5. Pour compound directly to low spots. You should have already pencil marked those. Take flat metal trowel to spread mixture across entire section. Thanks to gravity, the liquid will soon settle into its natural level state. Go through the directions as stated out by the manufacturer and permit it to dry. You can install your carpet after that.

Equipment and tips

Make sure that you have the following equipment at hand: dust mask, pencil, broom, drill with paddle, paint roller, primer, straight edge, safety glasses, level, vacuum, bucket, paintbrush and self-leveling compound.

Do know that if you carpeting a larger area, use level top move material around. This is similar to using a biger flat trowel sandwiched between peaks and the valleys between them. It is inadvisable to mix in excess of a gallon of the mix at a time. This is permissible only if you cover a large expanse. You must also have the skill and speed to work swiftly.



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Taylor Bishop 06-Feb-2018 09:28 AM

Thanks for these tips for getting a floor ready for installing a carpet. You mentioned that you should clean the surface by using a self-leveling compound and sweeping it. I wouldn't mind knowing if you need this compound to soak into the floor for a bit before you continue cleaning it.

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