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Preparing your Hardwood Floor for the Winter

Posted on Thursday, November 24, 2016, by

The exhilarating holiday season brings with it a slight nip in the air and the promise of a frosty and sparkling winter. Regardless of all the people you are going to meet and all the memories you will make in the Christmas time, there is reason for you to be concerned about the care and maintenance of your hardwood flooring that is likely to receive heavier foot traffic (owing to the frequent get-togethers) and an exposure to the sudden fluctuations in the temperature. In case, you are wondering as to how you can take good care of your expensive hardwood floors this winter season, have a look!

Install rugs and floor mats

The best way to limit the slush and the snow from spreading all over your house is to install floor mats on all the doorways that lead you to the outside. Try to keep your mats dry and clean at all times, and encourage your family and friends to thoroughly scrub and wipe their muddy and snowy footwear on the mat before entering the house. In case you can manage it well, you may also ask your visitors and guests to take off their shoes outside the house and enter bare footed.

Keep the room temperature consistent

Frequent fluctuations in the humidity and temperature levels can have a detrimental effect on your hardwood flooring by causing the boards to swell up or shrink, causing the floor column to warp or buckle. Since hardwood is made of natural organic wood, that has the tendency to breathe and react to the climatic changes, it is very important to take good care of your wooden floors by maintaining a consistent temperature on your thermostat and refraining from making sudden changes in the heating.

Keep your floors clean

Another culprit that can be a huge threat to your hardwood floors is dirt and debris. Seasonal debris such as melted snow, sludge, mud, dirt and leaves can all accumulate within the cervices of the floor boards and cause scratching, scraping and even rotting up of the wood. You must therefore keep your hardwood floors clean by vacuuming, sweeping and mopping them up as and when required.

Train your pets

Having pets can be tricky during the winter season, as they have the tendency to run around both indoors as well as outdoors, tracking mud and slush along with their paws, into the house. However, you can train your pet to wait outside the door, until you clean and wipe its paws with a towel. You can do this by rewarding it with treats or placing a bowl full of treats by the door.

Most importantly, you must go through the warranty and installation documents of your hardwood floor and check out if there are any special maintenance tips mentioned for your specific wood type.


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