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How To Pet Proof Your Wooden Floor

Posted on Monday, May 29, 2017, by Busenbark Flooring

Owning a pet is a joyous experience. However, there is a downside in the form of the tear and wear which your home suffers. Your hardwood floors will appear scuffed and dull. As a pet owner, you can take a few steps to prevent damage to the floor, or localize it. If you do these, you can enjoy a beautiful floor and the company of your pet simultaneously.

Most effective and easiest solution

If you think that your pet's natural behavior is damaging your flooring, the easiest and the most effective thing to solve this problem is restrict your pet's access to different areas of your home. Their list of doable activities must also be curtailed. To do this, designate a few rooms where you can afford a duller floor to be “pet rooms”. This will make sure that the damage caused by your pet is localized. Many pet owners assume that their pet will try to escape from such confinement. To stop this, make that room ideal for your pet. There may be a time when your pet will itself try to stay in its room and not venture out from its own space.

Buy a dog bed

This is an excellent investment. Dog beds are available in almost any style, any size or in shape as per your preference. You can purchase designer dog beds, memory foam mattresses, floor pillows, and many other related accessories. Do remember that the best bed is that where your canine spends its time. It may not be the best looking bed. You should discipline your dog so that it will lie down only on its bed and not on any other property. When you do so, taking care of your house floor becomes much easier.

Laminate is a good option

In case you prefer a permanent solution, consider laminate flooring. It is scuff and also scratch proof. This makes it one of the better floorings for people who have pets living in their homes. Laminates are sold in a wide range of styles. This material can mimic anything from bamboo and hardwood to real looking stone flooring. Thus it will be hard to find anything which will not match the interiors of your residence. It is an extremely cost effective material as well. If your floor is already damaged, there are a number of refinishing methods which will make a floor that is pet damaged looking like new. Hardwood can be refreshed too.



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