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Estimating a Granite Countertop Project

Posted on Thursday, June 29, 2017, by Busenbark Flooring

Granite continues to be one of the top choices when it comes to countertop fitments in kitchens. Economically priced granite tops are available with no compromise on quality and look. Buy the correct one and you are suited for life.


Granite adds value to any home. It provides a number of benefits like multiple pattern and color options to select from. The material is resistant to heat, chemicals, scratches, and dents. It is also extremely durable. Although granite was pricey when it was first introduced into the market, it has become noticeably cheaper in the recent years. It is now possible to put in square, bevel, and radius edging to any granite countertop at a nominal price. Granite countertops are preferred over other materials as they are not only cheaper but also much easier to repair.

Slab and tile comparative costs

Countertops made of granite come in two choices- tile and slab. Your choice for the home must depend on the size of the area you have to cover, seams you do not mind showing and the quantum of money you can comfortably invest. Slabs cover bigger spaces and exhibit fewer seams. Biggest slab available in the market measures seven feet in length. It means, if your countertop is more than seven feet length, you must purchase two or more slabs. Since granite slabs are extremely heavy, they must be handled by professionals. The cheaper and easier alternative is to go for tiles. When you choose tiles, there is no requirement to remove the old countertops. However, there will be a number of seams which need grout for the in-betweens. Installation can be done by the homeowner. A professional service, however, is recommended.

Granite slabs cost in the region of $50 per square foot. Tiles can be purchased for a median price of $25 per square foot. Kitchens having a contemporary and modern vibe would do better with slab granite. It can be ideal for small kitchens having a simple layout. Tiles made from granite are ideal for difficult spaces and complex counter layoffs. Do remember that tiles are not suitable for everyone. Inappropriate use of granite tiles may lead to a cheap look in otherwise upscale kitchens. The grout must be excluded from the tiles and it must match the tiles exactly. Such tile installation may take a number of hours. Additional costs other than slab or tile includes labor and materials.



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