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Choosing The Best Carpet Quality

Posted on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, by Busenbark Flooring

If you want to purchase the best carpet, you must be aware of the different styles, quality and materials to make sure that the carpet maintains its comfort and durability for longer-term satisfaction. Buying a carpet is similar to buying a car. There is a considerable financial investment and there is ample confusion about which carpet to buy from the different brands, styles and colors on offer. The experience could be so overwhelming that some people end up buying only the basic colors.

The carpet must fit your personal requirements. If you do basic homework and do a spot of comparison shopping, you can get an excellent carpet with a superb price.


Nylon carpet is the most durable of them all. It outperforms every other fiber in ease of maintenance, resilience and durability. It makes an excellent choice if you prefer that your carpet to last more than a decade. Premium quality nylon fibers come “branded”. Softest and strongest nylon is labeled 6.6 nylon. It is also the most pricey.

Trixeta is a fiber made from corn sugar. The list of properties include permanent anti-stain and superb resilience. However, it may not match nylon's durability in areas of high traffic. This material is better resistant to stains. Polyester is resistant to stains. It is extremely luxurious and soft when underfoot. It is available in vibrant colors. The problem is that cleaning is much harder, It is also not as hardy as nylon. Polyester should thus only be used in areas where footfall is low. The house should also be without pets or children. This material makes an excellent choice if you want to exercise on the carpet.

Olefin is an inexpensive and attractive fiber which resists fading and strong as well. However, it is much less resilient than nylon. This material conceals dirt. It has excellent stain, mildew and static resistance. This kind of carpet is selected for “clean” high traffic areas like play areas and family rooms.

Standard carpet styles

Saxony is a kind of cut pile which looks fantastic in bedrooms, living rooms and formal dining rooms. Since vacuum marks and footprints are easily visible, it is not an ideal choice for active kids and high traffic areas. This will stay for about five years.

Simply bend carpet backward. In case you see the backing, the carpet is of lower quality and it will get crushed much more easily.


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